Robbery is a serious crime. The act of robbery is defined by the state of California as the taking of personal property from another person, against his or her will, and accomplished by means of force or intimidation. Depending on the severity of the suspect’s action, a defendant may be charged with First Degree Robbery or Second Degree Robbery.


Any robbery of an individual performing his or her duties as an operator of a bus, taxicab, train, or any other vehicle that is used to transport paying customers is considered robbery in the first degree. Additionally, any robbery of a passenger on any of the aforementioned vehicles or any robbery that takes place inside an inhabited dwelling, including places of business, homes, and vessels, is First Degree Robbery. The robbery of someone who has just withdrawn funds from an automatic teller machine or robbery of anyone in the vicinity of an ATM is also considered First Degree Robbery. The penalties for a conviction of robbery in the first degree can range from three to nine years in state prison, depending on the circumstances of the crime. If you or a loved one has been charged with robbery, we can help.


Any case of robbery that does not qualify as a First Degree robbery is automatically classified as a Second Degree Robbery. A conviction of robbery in the second degree can result in punishment of two, three, or five years in state prison depending on the specific aspects of the defendant’s crime. A conviction on attempted robbery can also result in imprisonment. If you have been accused of a crime, we can help.


The forceful or violent takeover of another person’s vehicle from him or her is a felony and can result in long-term consequences. If convicted of carjacking, a defendant can be sentenced to state prison for three, five, or nine years. Additional charges may apply, however, if the defendant is charged with assault and battery or murder pursuant to the carjacking charge. When charged with a felony, it is crucial that a defendant contact a qualified and diligent criminal defense attorney. At The FIRM LA, a robbery defense lawyer can help guarantee that your legal rights are protected, among them, the right to a speedy trial by a jury of peers, and due process of the law. We have tried hundreds of criminal cases and have accrued numerous case victories.


Retaining skilled legal representation is essential if you have been charged with robbery. 

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